The Victorian Teashop

Friedrich Nietzsche 2
Years later, Nietzsche is still disgruntled about the lack of a philosophy of food.

Philosopher John Dewey
Philosopher John Dewey asked s a similar question about the absence of of direct enjoyment and feasting in philosophical thought – he then went on to ask for chips at the Victorian Teashop, incurring the displeasure of all concerned.

Friedrich Nietzsche 1The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in 1861 (the same year our building was being constructed) asks the question: "Why is there no Philosophy of nutrition?".


The Victorian Teashop Menu

Our menu has grown since we first opened in June 2005 and is now quite comprehensive and although we do have plans to include other items it is our philosophy to: "Keep it simple
". It is our view that the surroundings we offer our customers are very much a part of the menu and there is an old Latvian proverb which says: "A smiling face is half the meal!". In other words we serve much more than just tea and probably more than just food, but the awkward ones wanting chips or a roast lunch... or a different husband will just have to content themselves elsewhere.

The German philosopher Nietzsche asked why there was no philosophy of nutrition.  John Dewey was later worried that the dimension of human experience concerned with 'direct enjoyment' in activities like feasting had received little attention from philosophers.

Thousands of years earlier though, it was the religious philosophy of Daoism's and its concept of Calm and Inertia that nurtured the Chinese lifestyle to enjoy tasting tea and to dissolve the human body into the eternal universe. Daoism helped the creation and development of Tea Arts, and helped people to pay attention to tea as a way of changing and enhancing their lifestyle.

We can conclude from this that tea comes first and just like our menu, the food side is still under careful consideration.





The Victorian Teashop

114 North Parade, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, DE4 3NS England 01629 583325

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